Friday, August 20, 2010

Baycrafts Accessories

I've been looking for fashion accessories Philippines store where I can resell their products. I'm also interested in using their products. I had seen stores in malls, but it's too expensive for me. Sometimes, there are details in their designs that I don't like. I also scored some fashion accessories near our place and I still have them in my accessories pouch. However, I want more products, something that is unique and affordable. I search online for the products that I want to resell and use. Just yesterday, I stumbled upon Baycrafts Accessories. I'm so excited upon seeing their collections!

I stumbled upon Baycraft Accessories when I typed fashion accessories Philippines via Google search. I like the design of their site. It's clean and easy to use. Some of their products are awesome! You'll see in their photo gallery nice and unique earrings, necklaces, brooches, charms, rings, and many more. I'm also interested in their Gothic Jewelry offering. Had I known about this site before our wedding, we could have bought wedding rings from them. Well, I'm thinking if I'm going to apply in their reseller program. Maybe next time, maybe not. It depends upon my availability and budget. If you want to check out their products, just click Lovely Earrings.

pink brooch
free if you buy any two

I'll give this away if you purchase any two (2) of my collections.

Darling Bracelets

I'm always fascinated with affordable bracelets for sale, especially bright-colored trendy bracelets. I also collected bracelets since high school days. My favorite colors for bracelets include pink, blue, yellow, and white. Every time I drop by in any fashion store, I'll always have one or two bracelets on purchase. Bracelets add color and radiance in every girl's outfit. Individuality is also expressed by wearing bracelets.

I've been collecting affordable bracelets for sale lately. I also create my own bracelet designs. Usually, my creations are targeted for high school students. Most of my collections are bought by parents who wants to give their teens fashion accessories treats. That's why it's affordable. I'm also planning to create bracelets for older women and also  for working girls. I just have to play with time well to do so. Here is my bracelet collections for teenagers. I call this collection as Darling Bracelets. These are affordable bracelets for sale. For only P15, you can have one. Thanks!    

tandem bluewhite

sweety orange

baby darling

light hues


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Crystal Swarovski Earrings

It's my hobby and first love to collect trendy fashion accessories for sale to teens. From expensive to low cost, I collect different kinds of bracelets, earrings, necklaces, trendy rings and brooches. I'm not content with what I'm doing lately, so I decided to create my own fashion accessories for women. I started with not-so-expensive materials like plastic beads. Later on, I tried stone beads and Swarovski crystals.

I have here my crystal earrings collection. It's also trendy accessories for sale to teens. I call it Crystal Swarovski earrings because of its fine and shiny materials. You may leave comments if you have anything to say about my creations. It's the remaining unsold pairs as of now. Each cost P60, it's so affordable that you can even resell it with a much higher price. Enjoy!

blue crystal

fruity crystal

green rose crystal
lavender crystal

waygee crystal