Friday, August 20, 2010

Darling Bracelets

I'm always fascinated with affordable bracelets for sale, especially bright-colored trendy bracelets. I also collected bracelets since high school days. My favorite colors for bracelets include pink, blue, yellow, and white. Every time I drop by in any fashion store, I'll always have one or two bracelets on purchase. Bracelets add color and radiance in every girl's outfit. Individuality is also expressed by wearing bracelets.

I've been collecting affordable bracelets for sale lately. I also create my own bracelet designs. Usually, my creations are targeted for high school students. Most of my collections are bought by parents who wants to give their teens fashion accessories treats. That's why it's affordable. I'm also planning to create bracelets for older women and also  for working girls. I just have to play with time well to do so. Here is my bracelet collections for teenagers. I call this collection as Darling Bracelets. These are affordable bracelets for sale. For only P15, you can have one. Thanks!    

tandem bluewhite

sweety orange

baby darling

light hues


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  1. Wow! I like these simple accessories. I love the color. My daughter, Zia, plans to open a business like this one when we migrate to Canada. She really loves the idea! Our plan to be Canadian professionals will soon come true. Thanks to our top-caliber immigration consultant.


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