About Us

I'm an office-based writer, he's a freelancer. We're very interested in anything good found online. He loves to develop websites, and my task is writing articles and blog posts. We both believe in "the secret mantra". Well, we attend the same church, not because we first met in church, but because we both chose that destiny. While I'm gardening, he's busy fixing electrical wires at home. Our home is newly-acquired and expect a variety of homemaking tasks experiences in my other blog.

Starting this little island online is bittersweet and well, so funny. See that header in the main page? That "beads and fashion" thing. I patiently arranged my collection of beads into that letters to form the title of this blog. Then, I took a lot of pictures. Yes, for the header. I asked him to transfer the photos in the computer from my phone and digital camera. Well, he did. The problem? When I checked the photo folder that he said where he saved the photos, there's nothing. I checked again, there's nothing. Erased. Well, let me accept it's not really saved as expected. I'm not mad at first. Then I asked, "did you erased the photos in the digital camera"? He replied, "Yes". Then I was left with nothing. No photos to upload. That means, I have to do it all over again. That letter arrangement and photo session. It's so tiresome! Well, instead of being angry, I just watched him laughed and feeling sorry. Lessons learned, Karl. Save. Save. Save. After all, I still have this blog.